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The Guild Renassance Group newsletter archive

We are happy to announce that the 2019 Guild Renaissance Group spring newsletter is now available. Read about a new place to welcome visitors and a new community meeting space that are in development. Set your calendar for the Guild alive with culture 2019, and MONTE CARLO NIGHT fundraiser launching Guild Festival Theatre 2019! Download and read all about it!


While construction continues this summer, plans for the new Arts Facility take shape. Dates for "Doors Open" and the "Guild Alive with Culture" are set while the Guild Festival Theatre returns for Season 6. Download our newsletter and find out more!


After a quiet summer our fall newsletter lands! See progress on Dynamic Hospitality and Entertainment Group’s new restaurant and banquet facility. Find out about the Guild Renaissance Group Artistic Contribution and check out the Greek Theatre 2017 schedule. The Community Open House has been set for November Nov. 29, 2016. Hope to see you there. Download our newsletter to read more!


The warmth of summer returns to the guild and brings with it our 2016 newsletter! Dynamic Entertainment is bringing something new to the grounds that is so big it has changed the entire summer schedule. Also work continues to bring Canadian art to the grounds. Download our newsletter to find out more!


The Autumn newsletter arrives! Find out if wishes come true and what future plans are under way. The planned meetings continue and the GRG considers a donation. As Autumn begins, we revisit the summer highlights.

We are happy to announce that the 2015 Guild Renaissance Group spring newsletter is available for download. Updates on Guild revitalization, general meeting dates, events like “The Guild – Alive with Culture – An Arts Festival” and what is planned for the fifth season at the live theatre are just a few items that you can read about. Download, grab a cup of tea and enjoy!


The GRG 2014 Fall Newsletter is here! Dynamic Hospitality & Entertainment Group’s proposal has moved forward and meetings have been held for the Parks Management Plan. A new waterfront park may also be in development. Download our Newsletter for more!


The winter that would not end is over and spring is finally here! The Guid Renaissance Group is happy to announce its first newsletter of 2014.   Download it and read about Doors Open 2014,  Season four of Live Theatre at the guild, updates on the tree situation and restaurant projects, and more things to come.



Summer is back and so is the Guild Renaissance Group newsletter! Our Summer 2013 newsletter is available now for download. Inside you can find out about "The Guild – Alive with Culture", progress on the restaurant, the twice weekly walking tours, Doors Open Toronto/Heritage Toronto Walks, and what Toronto Parks have added to the grounds. Also there is a special announcement regarding Live Theatre at the Guild. Please click the download link and read all about it!



Our new spring newsletter is available now for download. Find out about our annual general meeting, Doors Open Toronto, Heiritage Toronto Walks, the upcoming "Guild - Alive with Culture", and the Third Season of Live Theatre. Also, the Guild Renaissance group has a new patron. Click the link to read more!