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At long last, plans are moving for the revitalization of the Guild Inn site.  Closed since 2001, the Guild Inn has sat dormant, boarded up, caged behind chain link fencing with signs warning of the hazards within from mould, vandalism, asbestos, and animal infestations.  A heartbreaking sight to behold amidst the glory of the beautiful gardens and architectural fragments that beautify Guild Park.


On July 23rd, 2014, we had an update on negotiations between the City and Dynamic Hospitality and Entertainment Group for a restaurant and banquet hall.   The site plan, awaiting City approval, calls for the restoration of the Bickford Residence (the 100-year-old heart of the old Guild Inn) with the addition of a large gazebo on the east side...

The double disasters of the Emerald Ash Borer and the Ice Storm resulted in the need to remove dead/dying/damaged trees from Guild Park.  The GRG understands the anguish of seeing the devastation, but also realizes the necessity and timing of the work.  We hope that the regeneration plan proceeds wisely and expeditiously with continued community engagement.


Following City of Toronto approval of Letter of Intent for Dynamic Entertainment’s Restaurant and Banquet Hall proposal for Guild Park, the GRG sent a representative to the April 22th stakeholders’ planning meeting.  An open community meeting continued this process on April 29th, 2014. Topics included Heritage, Forestry, Horticulture, and Trails.  The...


Janet Heise of the Guild Renaissance Group and John Mason of The Toronto's Park People Alliance sat down to talk about the past, present and future visions of the Guild grounds. Enjoy the video below produced by Toronto's Park People Alliance.




At the Guild Renaissance Group annual meeting in 2013, we officially welcomed Dorsey James, renowned Canadian sculptor, as a patron of the Guild Renaissance Group. The following is the text of his memorable speech.



Patrons Message from Dorsey James



The Guild Inn




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