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Update on Revitialization of Guild Inn Site


At long last, plans are moving for the revitalization of the Guild Inn site.  Closed since 2001, the Guild Inn has sat dormant, boarded up, caged behind chain link fencing with signs warning of the hazards within from mould, vandalism, asbestos, and animal infestations.  A heartbreaking sight to behold amidst the glory of the beautiful gardens and architectural fragments that beautify Guild Park.


On July 23rd, 2014, we had an update on negotiations between the City and Dynamic Hospitality and Entertainment Group for a restaurant and banquet hall.   The site plan, awaiting City approval, calls for the restoration of the Bickford Residence (the 100-year-old heart of the old Guild Inn) with the addition of a large gazebo on the east side and a four-part banquet hall on the west side, with floor to ceiling glass foyers between the restored area and the new additions.  People queried the layout, but were told by City representatives that the ground was not stable enough to reverse the gazebo/hall site plan, due to the nearby ravine and the demolition of the old hotel.  Some architectural pieces would require relocation, but all would be retained on-site, we were assured.  Some additional parking would be added, and a second driveway would be added, to relieve congestion at the current entrance.   Dynamic president, Sam D’Uva, emphasized that the restaurant will be open all year round, and he welcomes community input into the type of restaurant people want. 


The balance of Guild Park will remain a public park, and there is active planning for improvements by the City for the ‘cultural precinct’ (the grounds outside the Dynamic lease, which covers only the footprint of the old Guild Inn).  In addition, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority continues its plans for a waterfront trail along the shoreline of Scarborough.


The morning after the meeting, as a representative of the Guild Renaissance Group, Janet Heise, a Guild Renaissance Group board member, did an early morning interview on CBC Radio’s  Metro Morning show, following the meeting about the Guild the night before.  She sounds remarkably wide awake considering she was up at 3:45 AM to get to the studio downtown!


Here is a link to the audio clip:

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